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How to sell a product online on eBay.co.ke is not as hard as it may sound, do it right and you may even make a living.

It’s hard searching or getting a job in Kenya let alone work-from-home jobs that one can do to earn a living or an extra bit of money to supplement your salary. Times are hard and who doesn’t want some extra cash?

eBay.co.ke is one of the easiest ways Kenyan’s can start earning extra income, as Kenyan’s today are already searching online for items that you may already have taking up space in your house or office.

eBay.co.ke is a virtual garage allowing you to sell things you no longer need. Register for free on https://www.ebay.co.ke/my-account/ and start selling, you may even turn it into your full-time job.

How to sell a product online on eBay.co.ke

How to sell a product online on eBay.co.ke

While a lot of Kenyans are already selling online and making a living, most are still searching how to sell a product online. Good news, it is not too late to start selling! If you’re interested in how to sell a product online on eBay.co.ke, check out the following tips that will help you jumpstart your selling career, which can be the foundation of a pleasant lifestyle.

  1. Find an item, or a niche of items, that you want to sell online.

Most Kenyans who sell online or have set up an eBay.co.ke store sell around a theme. This method is helpful for two reasons: First, finding a niche allows you to focus on selling only items that interest you. For example, maybe you can focus on selling second hand clothes that you find at Gikomba or Toi market. You can learn how to sell a product online and sell anything and everything on eBay.co.ke but you will find it more exciting if you focus on selling items that interest you.

Secondly, having a niche allows buyers who are interested in the items that you are selling to follow your eBay.co.ke shop. You may find that you have repeat buyers who like your taste in items or who see you as a source for the items they want.

Of course, sellers who know how to sell a product online will do quite well selling anything. If you go this route, then you will most likely be better off selling many items, instead of focusing on a select few. After all, the more items you sell, the more opportunities you will have to make more money.

  1. Do your research once you know how to sell a product online

Once you decide what types of items you want to sell on eBay.co.ke, it would be suitable for you to do some research into specific items that sell very well. You can always check what items sell well in Jumia and sell similar items.

  1. Decide where you are going to get products to sell.

Unless you plan on cleaning out your house and selling everything you own, you need to come up with a game plan to get the items you plan to sell. There is definitely a market for everything, but aside from narrowing down the market you want to target, finding a supplier is the most important thing you will need to do. If you plan on selling second hand clothes on eBay.co.ke, perhaps that means making regular trips to Toi market and Gikomba market. If you want to make a living selling limited-quantity sneakers, then you may go to places like Two Rivers and look for items on sale or make a visit on sale days like Black Friday.

  1. Put some time into your listings.

Once you know how to sell a product online and are ready to begin selling, try to come up with an exciting listing that has good photography and is free of errors, including typos. If selling on eBay.co.ke is going to be your business, you want to present yourself in the best light possible. There have been many times I was going to buy something from a seller online in Kenya only to change my mind at the last minute because the listing did not look professional or trustworthy. You want your buyers to trust you and your business and you don’t want your listing to detract from showing that.

  1. Be prompt at deliveries.

Once you start selling items on eBay.co.ke, do your customers a favor and deliver items as quickly as possible. eBay.co.ke lets buyers leave feedback and reviews for sellers and the majority of the feedback is usually centered around how quickly an item is delivered to the customer. It may seem silly to point this out, but prompt delivery will be loved and may lead to better feedback or reviews for you.

While eBay.co.ke is still a new marketplace in Kenya, there are two other websites to sell items online for free that we can recommend. To start selling online you can also register with jumia.co.ke and masoko.com and the tips above will apply to whichever sites you choose to sell your goods.

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